Indijos klasika: Dhrupad

12 September 2023 19:00

A. Mickevičius Public Library (Great Hall)

Trakų g. 10, LT-01132, Vilnius

Concert performers

The Dhrupad genre is the oldest form of classical music in North India and is considered the mother of all other genres that have developed over the centuries. Its roots lie in Samaveda and go back thousands of years. It is said that the rishis, the sages, preserved musical knowledge and passed it on from generation to generation. 

This oral tradition, the guru-shishya parampara (from Sanskrit), has passed through different historical eras and gradually evolved in the different contexts in which musicians find themselves, from the forest to temples, Indian palaces, and then Muslim palaces, to the present.

Dhrupad is not a genre of entertainment music, but a discipline that helps you discover yourself in the contemplation of sound. This genre combines the performer and the audience in a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

The name Dhrupad is derived from the Sanskritdhruvapada, where "dhruva" means fixed or structured and "pada " means poetic metre. "Dhruva" also means polar star and "pada " means road.

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